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Father, please guide me as I do whatever it is you want me to do.

Give me the eyes to see the goodness of every human heart, and to run from hasty judgements.

Help me to show others that being a Christian is not bondage to rules, but a melodious song of complete freedom in You.

Expose me as the completely broken person that I am, and pave the way for me to kill my self-righteousness.

Keep me awake to see that You can take me at any second, and that my possessions that I deeply treasure here will soon pass away.

Establish in me a vision that sees You in every face, and to see the potential of each story in the furtherance of Your kingdom.

Plant Your words and Your promises in my heart, and give me a hope that brings optimism to the pessimists.

Make my body an instrument that runs from furthering a sex-selling industry, and help me to seek a heart of purity that tells stories of Your grace.

Create in me a willing spirit to lose myself at the service of others, and ultimately at the service of You.

Instill in my heart a spirit that is loving and forgiving, turning my tongue and my lips away from any condemnation.

Direct my feet to dance not into the snares and temptations of the enemy, but direct my feet to dance in celebration of the joy I find in You.

Help me to trade in my human-fearing heart, and prepare me to push on when others incessantly try to suppress me of my passions.

Give me eyes to see others as brothers and sisters, and to lay down my life for them just as You have laid it all down for a wretch like me.

Help me to run from society’s standards of beauty, and to only strive for Your standard of love and grace.

I pray to live a life that strays from always tip toeing over thin ice, and I pray for boldness to dive deeply into a journey of surrender.

Make me a vessel that gives off a joy and a love so contagious, so that others may look in complete wonderment, not of me, but only of You in me.

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab s/s 2011

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Snow In California 


So me

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I was struggling a lot but I was too proud to tell anyone.

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Hot Chocolate 

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